Longborough Festival Opera 2019

Zita Syme 'La Calisto' review from Behind the arras

"Best of the singing, however, outshining even the strong and forceful Diana, came from Zita Syme as Giunone (Juno): She is pretty electrifying – she could indeed sing the fiery Elettra in Idomeneo. Syme had everything the Queen of the Gods needs: simmering anger at Jupiter’s continuing infidelities, and his willingness to disport them; consequent jealousy, and a harrowing suspicion; a measure of bitchiness and spite; and a degree of feminine anguish at being thus jilted.

Syme has an exciting voice, which cuts through the strong accompaniment and makes clear who is actually dominant and ultimately wears the trousers. Here was an award-winning young singer whose voice sounded impressively mature, whose diction was excellent, whose stage presence, even when painfully distanced from all the others - another good directing idea – in a glaring red outfit was strikingly forceful, with a notably rich tone and full of contrasting colours. Age and childbearing may have caught up with Juno, but she is still glamorous. She intends to keep her man, and anyone – like Calisto – who gets in the way will have a hard time."

- July 2019, Roderic Dunnett

Longborough Festival Opera

Zita Syme 'La Calisto' review from Classical Music Daily

"Syme, a former Britten-Pears Young Artist, and winner of the Emmy Destinn Young Singers award, has, for my money, an exciting voice: forceful and domineering - and pained - as suits this particular role."

- 12 August 2019, Roderic Dunnett

Wexford Festival Opera 2022

Zita Syme 'The Master' review from Opera Wire

"Soprano Zita Syme made a splash with a colorful performance as Mrs. Edward Saker."

- 9 November 2022, Alan Neilson

Zita Syme 'La Calisto' review

"Each soloist had their moment in the sun… Zita Syme’s beautifully agile, melismatic opening 'Christe'…."

- 12th November 2022, Remembrance concert review by Simon Austin
Haydn, Nelson Mass

"Zita Syme relished the romantic, eloquent writing in the 'Introit.' "

- 12th November 2022, concert review by Simon Austin
Timothy Hamilton, Requiem

Zita Syme 'La Calisto' review from Plays To See

"With the appearance of Zita Syme as a pugnacious, intelligent and vocally splendid Juno in a striking red dress, who came with her two peacocks (dancers with peacock heads), the whole thing took off."

- 2 August 2019, Mel Cooper

Zita Syme 'La Calisto' review from MusicOMH

"Zita Syme is a very accomplished Giunone who displays an extremely well developed soprano."
★ ★ ★ ★

- 5 August 2019, Sam Smith

Zita Syme 'La Calisto' review from Birmingham Post

"The cast was a knockout... Zita Syme and Sophie Goldrick were respectively imperious and imposing as the goddesses Giunone and Diana."
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

- 5 August 2019, Richard Bratby

Zita Syme 'La Calisto' review from The Times

The Times review of 'La Calisto'
★ ★ ★ ★

- 31 July 2019, Richard Morrison


The Emmy Destinn Young Singers Awards

Zita Syme 'Zita Syme, The Emmy Destinn Young Singers Awards

"Apart from the range and the masterful performance, the panel appreciated the silky tone, which she lends to her soprano."

Ivan Kytka, Xantypa magazine, December 2017

Zita Syme 'Zita Syme, The Emmy Destinn Young Singers Awards

"First Prize was awarded to soprano Zita Syme whose excellent Czech (particularly in Rusalka's aria O marno to je) marked her whole programme."

Jan Jůn, December 2017
Velehrad, London

Zita Syme 'Zita Syme, The Emmy Destinn Young Singers Awards

Jarmila Karas, August / September 2019
British, Czech and Slovak Review



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Zita Syme 'La Calisto' review